The author

Extreme worrier. Uber geek. Literature lover. Eternal fangirl. Occasional writer.

B.Evie graduated with a distinction in MA Creative Writing back in 2012, having graduated top of her class the year prior in Writing Contemporary Fiction on the not so sunny south coast of England.

Since her half-forgotten university days, she has worked as a web journalist, editor, and copywriter. She now works in the equally unsunny Surrey area as a creative writer and producer. It causes her great amounts of joy and anxiety.

With huge thanks to…

J.Read; technical wizard; connoisseur of red hats and tiny-armed dinosaurs; eternally patient wrangler of websites and overly anxious girlfriends. I couldn’t have done this without you. Seriously. There’s no-way I could have afforded this level of tech support or free therapy. I cannot thank you enough for your support and help.

N.Locritani; one of the most talented freelancers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thank you so much for being patient with me, and my many revisions! You managed to turn a pretty crazy idea into something that works. I hope we can continue working to create odd but adorable comics. Her artwork can also be found here.

E.Peddie; illustrator extraordinaire; former work waifuu; eternal anime-watching soulmate. You’ve gifted me with far too much free artwork over the years. I still use the illustration you did of me for just about everything. So talent; much wow. One day, we shall work together again – you have my word!