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Best book blogs for 2017

Five fast recommendations for the best book blogs going in 2017.

5 – Tara Lazer: Run by children’s author and mother of two, Tara Lazar, this blog mixes writing resources with unique insight into the children’s book market, writing for young audiences, and publishing.

4 – Signature; Making well-read sense of the world.’ Signature explores books that educate and inspire, that can help us better understand the world in which we live. Founded by Penguin Random House.

3 – Bustle; Simple, clean and professional, Bustle creates high-quality posts covering a wide range of topics from writing tips and getting inspired to reviews, top ten’s, and must-reads.

2 – Electric Lit; Accepting essays, opinion pieces, writing advice, and more at set points throughout the year, Electric Lit cover reviews, news, interviews, essays and more, though some content is locked behind a membership paywall.

1 – Book Riot; A book blog with a different, the people over at Book Riot believe that writing about books and reading should be just as diverse as the books and readers themselves are. Written by a mixture of pros and amateurs, offering serious and silly reviews without judging your reading choices, they had the coolest ethos, including believing in always preferring the book to the movie; practicing charity; and treating both bookshelves and cats as family – something we here at Gnomicorn can always get behind.

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