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We hear so much about the importance of reading, from the time our parents first begin reading to us, throughout our childhood and teen years, right up until…well, I’ll let you know when I finally hit a number when somebody doesn’t recommend it.

Reading can help us develop language skills, increase our understanding of other people, cultures, places; it can help us understand ourselves, our history, our emotions…and it can lead us towards picturing a better, brighter future. it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it in the end.

Gnomicorn is here to help people of all ages find something worth reading; from toddlers to teens, young adults to twenty-somethings and beyond. It’s also here to act as a hub for info and recommendations for books about sensitive issues and hard to explain concepts for younger readers. From picture books about emotions for pre-school kids, illustrated book explaining depression to primary school children, to young adult novels about addition, shame and beyond.

Finally, Gnomicorn is also home to extreme worrier,  uber geek, and occasional writer, B. Evie Gifford. I can typically be found procrastinating with a mountain of manga, browsing websites for unicorn goodies, and generally avoiding both looking deadlines and members of the general public.